the artist behind the music

Artist 'Communion' is on a mission to glorify God through the gift of music that God placed in his hands.


Going under the name “Communion”, he chose his pseudonym as a reminder to humanity that God created mankind to live in communion with one another, thus to 'love one another as Christ has loved us', and to point people to the Eucharist, to Holy Communion.

Check out Communion's first single, 'i Believe, / Creo en Dios', a no holds-barred bilingual rap proclaiming the truth of Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Catholic Church. 'i Believe / Creo en Dios' is a modern-day creed of the Catholic Church's teachings, its Sacraments, and Sacred Tradition. The song, which Communion wrote, produced, and performed, is the first of several tracks that proclaim the Gospel message of truth, beauty, and goodness.


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