debut album is out!

The debut album is out! “Creo en Dios (EP)” - 17 tracks with songs in English and Spanish! Get it now, either as an MP3 download or buy the physical album! Available exclusively at

'Ignorant Catholic, Future Protestant', the famous apologetics song, live at Mercy Night 2017, the Miami archdiocesan youth conference.

Communion is currently working on a music video for his latest single "Ignorant Catholic, Future Protestant" - an Apologetics song explaining and defending the beliefs of our Catholic faith against those who question or attack them. He first penned the song in Spanish ("Catolico Ignorante, Futuro Protestante") with fellow Miami rapper, Eddy Q, whom he met at Young Adult group 'Voceros de Cristo' in 2014. The song got such a great response when performing live that he decided to pen the English translation. The music videos in both English and Spanish are currently in the editing stage and are almost done! Please pray for this successful completion of this project and that it may be a powerful tool to educate many Catholics in their faith.